Stephenville Texas

Tarelton state

Purple Book

Formerly the student handbook, the Purple Book now contains a biography on our founder John Tarleton, Tarleton Creed, Tarleton Color Song, On Ye Tarleton (Fight Song), The True Flame (Centennial Song), Presidents of Tarleton, The Spirit of Tarleton, Traditions and Legends, Landmarks, Activities and Events, Homecoming Traditions, Tarleton Architecture, and much more.

Purple Poo

TTP – Ten Tarleton Peppers (1921) and TTS – Ten Tarleton Sisters (1923) are the two oldest spirit organizations on campus, also in the state of Texas, and are precursors of the Purple Poo, a secret organization which promotes school spirit. The members in this organization keep their identities secret by appearing in public in costume. The still-secret organization gathers to make "Poo Say" signs each Monday night.

Texan Rider

Texan Rider is Tarleton's current mascot that at one time rode a horse during the football games (tradition was discontinued due to the renovated stadium), and is also recognized by his/her purple chaps. The Texan Rider has been the mascot of Tarleton since 1961 when the student body chose the Texans and TexAnns to represent its athletic teams.