European Country Discovery Project

By Gavin Molina


Madrid, Spain is located on the bottom left hand corner of Europe.
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Spain's Goverment

Spain's government is a parliamentary democracy and a constitunal monarchy.

Spain's main leader right now is Marino Rajoy.

Spain's leaders are chosen by the national legislators of Spain are elected each 4 years in a General Election. The individual who becomes the President of the Government, the proposed head of government is chosen by the King from the Congreso de Diptutados.

The rights in Spain is literally the exact same but their not as heavy on punishment for crimes.

Spain's Main import and export

Spain main export is machinery, motor vehicles, fruit, wine, and other foods.

Spain's main import is machinery, equipment, fuels, chemicals, manufactured goods, food, and medical instruments.

Most popular language in Spain

Nowadays five languages are spoken in Spain; Galician-Portuguese, Spanish (Castilian),Basque, Cataln & Occitan. Spanish (Castilian) is the official language all over the country.

Compare and contrast on USA and Spain (2 aspects of the 2 countrys.I chose food and

Spain's food is more exotic than the U.S.'s food because I don't think they're is a lot of restaurants with drive thrus than how many their is in America.

In Spain, Spanish (Castilian) is the most popular language their. But in America, English is the most popular language here. I bet that Spanish (Castilian) is very un-common in America,It's probably the exact opposite in Spain.

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