From Silk Worm to Silk

By Maryum Khan 3AS


Do you know that you sometimes wear silk? Have you wondered where it came from? Well my report will tell you.


The product starts out as a baby silk worm eating mulberry leaves in a farm for 28 years. The worm molts its skin and gets ready to go to the factory. Then it gets in pots and goes on trucks and goes to the factory.


When it arrives to the factory it turns into the cocoon. The kids in the factory have to do poop patrol and pull out poop from every cocoon! After a month the worms will have enough food. Then they turn into pupas. They boil the worms and then they unravel the cocoon and get the last bite of of silk from the cocoons. They unweave the silk and put it in covers over the silk.


When they are done they put it on shelfs of the store. In the store people buy silk for pillow covers, blankets, clothes, and people put it on pillows.

Fun Facts

As you now can see the story of silk is very interesting and you think that you know everything well your incorrect. I have some fun facts to tell you! First, silk is used for other stuff like paper, fishing lines, bow strings, and canvas paintings. Second, silk clothing is often embroided with design. Third, the most popular designs for silk are flowers and birds.


Now you know about silk get out there and buy some silk for clothes you should even buy a pretty blanket to keep you warm.
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