George H.W. Bush


Event #1 Gulf war and Desert Shield/Storm

In 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait which prompted a negative reaction from the U.N and U.S. After learning that Saddam Hussein will not withdrawal from Kuwait the U.N coalition and U.S wages war against him. George Bush sets into desert storm and the first gulf war, sending troops over seas into Iraq.

Event #2 Tiananmen Square

As a form of protest against communism a Chinese man stands in the way of a brigade of tanks in the communists army. This protest was seen by the world and the man was taken away by the soldiers.

Event #3 Berlin Wall comes Down

In 1985 Gorbachev took control of the soviet Union and quickly realized the wall was a big negative effect on the the USSR economy. Also the president at the time,Ronald Reagan, gave a speech at the wall demanding that Gorbachev tear down the wall.

Event #4 Collapse of Soviet Union

The Soviet Union collapsed because of many factors. For one, Gorbachev started to give the soviet citizens more rights like freedom of speech, this made them happier. Another reason is that the soviets could not afford to keep up with the Americans in the arms race. The USSR was also deep into conflict with Afghanistan and that also was costing them a lot of money. And finally their economy started to become stagnant, not much growth was happening.

Event #5 Rodney King Riots

The riots started on April 1992 after a trial jury acquitted four Los Angeles Police Department officers of assault and use of exessive force. The mostly white officers were videotaped beating Rodney King following a high-speed police pursuit. Thousands of people throughout the metropolitan area in Los Angeles rioted over six days following the announcement of the verdict. Methods in the riot were looting, assault, arson and murder.
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George H.W. Bush Interview With Diane Sawyer: A Life of Service