Cartoon Analysis

Vamsi Maturi, Abir Chowdhury, 2nd Period

Story of the Last Seven Years ( May of 1940)

  • Subject: Americans' impervious reactions towards Hitler's actions in Europe.
  • Context: Following World War I and during World War II, people everywhere were witnesses to the Mande of Hitler and his Nazi regime.
  • Symbolism: The man represents the indifferent attitude of the Americans. The woman's clothing represents change in time.
  • Exaggeration: The lack of care and urgency shown for the situation in Europe.
  • Irony: American people are so laid back even while they hear of the heinous acts of Hitler. In addition, the population expects the situation to resolve itself without American intervention, yet instead the situation keeps escalating.
  • Purpose: To spread awareness of the looming consequences in Europe and to call for American intervention.

Be Sure to Give Mine Special Attention (November 27th, 1955)

  • Subject: Large shortage of teachers and educational resources.
  • Context: The mid-1900 baby-boom occurred prior to the publication of this political cartoon.
  • Exaggeration: The author exaggerates upon the sheer number of students and lack of space in the classroom in order to highlight the necessity for resources.
  • Labeling: The author clearly explicates the teacher shortage and absence of resources by labeling the teacher share with the words "TEACHER SHORTAGE."
  • Irony: The mother expects the teacher to give special attention to her child even though there is an abundance of students and a lack of teachers.
  • Purpose: The author directed this to parents and the government in order to critique the absurdity of the situation and to call for educational reform. (Shortly after the publication of this cartoon, President Eisenhower hosted the first White House Conference on Education.)

You Can Do a Favor For Me - Rub Out Any Gun Control Legislation (August 7th, 1980)

  • Subject: This cartoon is an exaggerated depiction of the NRA's relationship with the US Congress.
  • Context: Prior to the publication of this cartoon, the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed, banning the purchase of mail-ordered firearms. The NRA lobbied Congress for this act to be repealed and it was successfully repealed in 1980.
  • Symbolism: Some of the many symbols in this cartoon include: The briefcase, which represents the money and lobbying the NRA had to do for the repeal request, the diamond ring, which represents the wealth of the NRA, the safe, which represents the treasury, and the man standing behind the Congressman and NRA representative, which represents the NRA's leverage.
  • Exaggeration: Exaggeration is shown in the US Congressman's kissing the NRA member's hand and in the looming figure behind them.
  • Analogy: The cartoon is an analogy for the lobbying going on and the leverage the NRA has on Congress.
  • Purpose: The artist wanted to expose the monetary and leveraged relationship between the NRA and the US congress. In addition, he tells the American people that their safety is being traded for money.

Be Sure to Give Mine Special Attention

Story of the Last Seven Years

You Can Do a Favor For Me - Rub Out Any Gun Control Legislation

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