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Are earthquakes weather related,geologic in nature and/or caused by humans? You may have more than one answer.

its is weather related and geologic in nature

What are main features of earthquakes, how does it form

Earthquakes are sudden rolling or shaking events caused by movement under the Earth's surface.

Where and when is earthquakes most likely to occur?

Most earthquakes occur along the edge of the oceanic and continental plates. The earth's crust is made up of several pieces, called plates. The plates under the oceans are called oceanic plates and the rest are continental plates. The plates are moved around by the motion of a deeper part of the earth that lies underneath the crust. These plates are always bumping into each other, pulling away from each other, or past each other. The plates usually move at about the same speed that your fingernails grow. Earthquakes usually occur where two plates are running into each other or sliding past each other.

List positive and negative impacts this disaster has on the ecosystem?

Thousands of small earthquakes occur almost all the time; however, most of these occurrences are too weak to be felt by humans. On average, a major earthquake occurs once per year. A major earthquake is one of the most devastating natural disasters; it can level cities within seconds and can even cause great tsunamis if it occurs under the ocean. Although earthquakes are generally destructive to humans, it is a natural process that our planet has to undergo in order to release pressures that build up beneath its surface.

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Does the disaster change the surface of the land?

yes it does by the shaking in the ground it crakes the surface and tears houses and building down