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Once you begin your path to success you'll receive a wealth of business tools, one of the best compensation plans in the industry, online resources, and all kinds of support customized for you and your individual business. Check out the two links posted below for more on this business opportunity.

My Jamberry Story...

For me, joining Jamberry has been a life changing decision. That may sound dramatic, but it really has enriched my life. I've gotten out of my humdrum routine and found a community of women that really lift one another up and encourage you to be the best you can be! I've learned that you can develop skills you didn't even know you had. I love the confidence I've gained from working my business and Jamberry as a company gives you the tools to succeed. I never would have entertained the idea of joining a direct sales company until I discovered selling through online parties. That helped me think maybe I could, and now I KNOW I CAN! I've gained enough confidence now that I book home parties, vendor events, I'm game for it all! But even if you're not, the flexibility and scope of who you can reach through online parties has changed the direct sales game. I joined Jamberry mainly for something to do, maybe earn a little extra money....but I was not prepared for the potential of this business. I've earned more than I thought was possible in my short time so far with the company, and seeing firsthand how successful my teammates are has inspired me to really go for it. The sky is the limit. You get what you put in and whether you'd like a little extra money to pay a specific bill or turn this into a career, it's 100% achievable with Jamberry!
The Jamberry Opportunity

Here are just a few of the Perks...

- Weekly paycheck
- Product credits
- Do online parties in your spare time
- Monthly bonuses
- Cash promotion bonuses
- 24/7 team support
- New friends and camaraderie
- Marketing materials credit
- Amazing company
- 30% up to 40% commission
- Advertise by having pretty nails

- No penalties for not selling