Art Classes

Taught By Heather Sheehan

French Silhouette

Students will work together to trace each of their silhouettes. Next, they will be introduced to a variety of media to create a one-of-a-kind...likeness of themselves! They will add bits and pieces of drawings of things that make them individual and special. This art work is sure to be a keeper!

Code: 2016.605

Amazing Paper Collage & Watercolor Art

Young artist will combine their water coloring paintings and scrapbooking paper to make a one-of a kind piece of art. Students will use a wood base and collage and layer papers on top to make their masterpiece. Students will learn about watercolor painting, color layering, and adding depth to their art. When completed, this project will be able to be hung on a wall for all to enjoy!

Code: 2016.610

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