Please Stop Laughing At Me

by Jodee Blanco


Jodee Blanco had trouble fitting in. From elementary school, middle school, to highschool, she was always bullied . In elementary, Jodee was picked on. In middle school, Jodee had a fresh start and made friends with the "popular crowd". After an incident at a party, they started bullying her. Once Jodee had finished middle school, her family moved. She made friends, and they were together everyday. Jodee thought she might have a chance to fit in. When highschool came around, things changed. Jodee's "best friends" started harassing her, making her depressed. Twenty years later, there was a reunion. Jodee started doubting herself, but ended up having a great time.


The main character in the book is Jodee. Jodee Blanco has written this book about her school experience. All she wanted was to fit in, and not be picked on. Jodee went through alot, and stayed strong through all of the bulllying.

Jodee's parents also were apart of the book. They were caring for her, and also very worried about Jodee. Her parents looked out for her. They would do almost anything to make Jodee happy.

Of course, there were also Jodee's friends. Most of them were rude, and careless of her feelings. The were fake, and if Jodee did one thing wrong they would all turn their backs on her. They bullied her physically and mentally, and no friend should ever do that.

Book Review

The book Please Stop Laughing at Me is a great book. Jodee did an amazing job writing it. She included a good amount of detail, which can get the reader to picture what was happening to her. Also, the book can really move some people. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.
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