How Technology has changed Alabama

By: Zachary Dillon

Technology changed...

the telephone, refrigerator, automobile, television, internet, and space.
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This is a picture of today's telephone.

Telephones from today and telephones from when they first were invented.

Telephones when they first were invented you could only call people. But now we can text people, play games, google stuff, call people, and a whole lot more.
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What's different?

What's different between the Ice Box and the old refrigerator is the old refrigerator runs on electricity so in the summer your food can still stay cold.

What's different between the old refrigerator and the new refrigerator is that the new one is bigger, runs smoother, some have a clock, you can change the temperature, it can make its own ice, and a whole lot more.

The Automobile

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New 2016 Porsche

The technology of the 2016 Porsche is so far advance from all of the other cars that it is mind blowing! Good air conditioning is only the beginning of this new technology. This car has GPS, surround sound stereo, great suspension and brakes, fantastic handling because of the "whale's tail" in the back of the car, and so many others that can not even be mentioned.


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2016 Curved Television

This TV is so much more technical than the others. It has a curved screen that has a high definition (HD) picture which is so much more clear than the old TVs. This is because of the pixel count in the screen. This TV also has internet connections and can pick up over 200 channels. It can also be used to get movies from On Demand and Netflix, and so much more.


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