Ms. Jennings's 1st Grade Newsflash

May 10, 2016

Upcoming Events

  • May 13--Olympic Day (May 16 make up, if rained out). Please make sure you child has athletic shoes, comfortable clothes, and water bottle (preferably disposable).
  • May 13--Money due for Walk-A-Thon
  • May 20--Last Day of School!!!!!

Weekly Tidbits...

Important UPDATES:

BITTERSWEET: I am filled with anticipation at the end of the year, yet there is a twinge of sadness. I walked down the hall this morning and noticed that some of the decorations are starting to come down, and I realized this year is almost in the books. I am incredibly proud of all 21 of the students. They have grown so much personally, socially and academically. In August, I saw students who had just left Kindergarten. Next Friday, the will be 2nd graders! I will miss them terribly and hope each one with stop in and see me next year.

Happy Mother's Day!!! I hope everyone was treated liked royalty on their special day. For Mother's Day this year, I got to have all three kids home for the summer!! I've spent the last 9 months as an empty nest and they house was strangely quiet. Now, they're back and quite active. I realized something, though. This is most likely the last summer that we will all live together. In August, my oldest heads to the University of Illinois to begin graduate school. I'm confident that he is flying the nest to live his own life and will now come home to visit. I guess what I'm saying is, cherish these moments. It seems like yesterday I was a Cler-Mont mom. Today, they are all adults and I'm quite proud of them.

Mr. Hickey: His last day is tomorrow!!!! Let's shower him with pictures! If you have time this evening, please have your child write him a note or draw him a picture. I'm bringing in his favorite treat tomorrow (oatmeal raisin cookies) and some snacks for the class. We are sending him out in style!

Books: We are cleaning out the shelves and the kiddos got to choose some books to bring home! So, your child has several books in their backpacks, they may keep them. :)

PLEASE HELP: I am leaving town Thursday to attend a wedding in West Virginia. I will be gone Thursday afternoon, Friday and Monday. I've never left a sub that many days in a row. Please check in each night and remind your child to practice the 7 habits, especially when there is a sub.

IMPORTANT NOTE...EMAIL CHANGE: Beginning Monday, my email address has changed, reflecting my new last name. You can now reach me at:

End Of The Year--20 MORE DAYS LEFT OF 1ST GRADE!!!!! Wow!!!!! I can't believe our time together is coming to an end and the 21 first graders in room 1 are ALMOST 2nd graders! I have truly enjoyed teaching your children and will miss them next year! Their growth socially and academically has been incredible. Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to be a part of your child's life.

What's Been Going On This Week...

  • Reading--We have been studying comparing and contrasting and are in the middle of completing our reading DCA for that unit. All students have been given the STAR reading assessment and FnP (Fountas and Pinnell) Reading assessment.

  • Phonics/Sight Words This week, we are reviewing skills!

  • Sight words: Fort Osage uses the Fry Sight Word Lists. You should have received your child's sight words either in the planners or in their black folders. The goal for all first graders is to know all 100 of the first 100 sight words. Many students already know their first 100 and are working on harder lists. Some students are still working on learning their first 100 sight words. Please look over the lists and especially practice the words that are highlighted in blue. I'll be rechecking their progress in a few weeks.

  • Math-We have completed time and measurement and will be spending the rest of the year getting ready for 2nd grade math!

  • Writer's Workshop--This week, we are learning how to get on Google Drive and create Google Docs to write stories! 2nd grade teachers will be so excited!

Specials~May 9 to May 20

  • Monday, May 9-Music/PE

  • Tuesday, May 10--Library

  • Wednesday, May 11--PE/Music

  • Thursday, May 12--Art

  • Friday, May 13--Track and Field Day

  • Monday, May 16--Music/PE

  • Tuesday, May 17--Library

  • Wednesday, May 18--PE/Music

  • Thursday, May 29--Art

  • Friday, May 20--Library! LAST DAY OF SCHOOL