Rhetoric Analysis

Documentory overview


The documentary uses rhetoric by the words it uses, the music, and the pauses in the peoples talks.


  • Speaker- Narrator
  • Occasion-Congress approval of the patriot act
  • Subject- Taking away the patriot act
  • Audience- Young students
  • Purpose- To persuade you that the patriot act violates your civil liberties


Ethos is how the author shows credibility toward a speaker to show that they are qualified to talk about the topic . The author uses ethos when he shows the speaker name and profession. this is effective in using ethos to convince the audience to remove the patriot act.


Pathos is the use of emotions to persuade the targeted audience that your point of view is right. The author uses pathos by showing the American flag with music in the back. The authors use of pathos is effective in convincing the audience that the patriot act violates your civil liberties.


Logos is the use of logic this includes the use of statistics and charts to prove a point. The author uses logos when he shows the percentage of Americans that approve of the patriot act after 9/11. The author uses logos effectively by showing you how the government used people's fear after 9/11 to pass the patriot act.


In conclusion the narrator is effective in convincing young Americans to do something to remove the patriot act. The impact of the on the viewer is of mistrust toward the government. The film did not change my opinion because my opinion of the patriot act was already bad.