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Sony Xperia Projector

Sony Xperia Projector is a touch projector .
The device is really awesome and allows you to get the tablet on virtually any surface. Imagine being anywhere in the home can cause an active screen to retrieve information from the Internet for example, a smart home control functions. The range of use of the device is very big, which gives good perspectives for the development of this device.
On the technical side, the gadget is a box with a special projection lamp and built-in sensors to read your hand gestures with software management. The projector can be connected to a mobile device or computer , wireless option to Wi-Fi.
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Panoramic cameras

On the market comes generation of camera that can record everything that happens around, with all sides perfectly. Futuristic look and unique features will definitely make it a popular among fans of video footage.
A new device called Sphericam 2 – a camera to automatically capture the video. Sphericam 2 looks as like futuristic shape.
Design features are such that the device does not have one but several chambers and each of them can take pictures at the same time. Location the lenses do cover zone at 360 degrees around itself. A camera shoots in 4k format at 60 frames per second. You can also fit in other recording modes including at least a quality of 30 frames per second.
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ReFlex: Revolutionary flexible smartphone allows users to feel the buzz by bending their apps.

Self driving trucks

You might be seeing a lot more self driving trucks soon. They’ll be cheaper to run than regular ones, driving more smoothly and using less fuel. Computers never get tired or need rests, so they’ll run longer routes. Also they could drive in convoys, nose-to-tail, to lower wind resistance. Companies like Mercedes and Peloton are already exploring these possibilities, and if the promised gains are up to par, freight companies could upgrade entire fleets overnight self driving trucks on the road in the future . Crazy , right ?

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Oculus rift

Virtual reality gaming is here with the new oculus rift. This headset makes you feel that you're actually in a video game.In the Rift’s virtual world, you could turn your head around with ultra-low latency to view the world in high resolution display.

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Cicret Bracelet

This amazing bracelet projector appears on your hand !
The Cicret Bracelet: Like a tablet...but on your skin. (www.cicret.com)