Inequality awareness event

Come together to create an environment that is equal to all

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What is this?

This event is going to be to promote equality in all types of people that vary from race, gender, and other physical things that would cause inequality. First we are going to start off the event with a presentation about the world in its current state and events that were caused because of inequality. We will also discuss of ways to improve our current society and world. We will then proceed to have booths with information of different ideas and activities such as interacting with people that one would normally wouldn't talk to and similar activities that you could do to help the world in its current unequal state. This event will occur on November 10th of 2014. Our goal is to create a community were racism, sexism or other isms are non existent.

This will bring positive change because it will inform and encourage many people of different cultures to understand other types of people more deeply. It will create more equality among the masses and make people to respect. It will also be shared through social media so it can bring awareness of this issue people who did not attend the event.