We are writers, we are scientists!

Wonders of 4th Grade

What a wonderful year!

We have explored a plethora of writing from personal narrative, expository, and persuasive writing as well as poetry! In science the students learned all about the states of matter, forms of energy, floating and sinking, soil layers, natural resources, the water cycle, and weather. We will finish out the year strong with more writing and science highlighted below.

We have many adventures still to come in April and May!

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April 17th (Thursday) - Birthday Celebration (April & May birthdays)

April 18th - Holiday

April 22nd & 23rd - STAAR Reading and Math

April 30th - Texas Living Museum


May 2nd - Austin Field Trip

May 8th - 4th grade Variety Show - 2:00

May 9th - Reading Celebration Day

May 13th - Hot Air Balloon

May 14th - Swim Party 12-2

May 15th - Spring Sing-a-long 2:00

May 16th - CORE luncheon 11:30-1:00

May 22nd - Field Day

May 23rd - Birthday Celebration - (June & July birthdays)

May 26th- Memorial Day Holiday

May 29th - Awards Assembly 2:15

May 30th - 4th Grade Celebration 11:30