Tuesday Techbytes

March 22, 2016

News from the Office

Paid Subscription Survey: So far less than 40% of you have completed this survey to date. If you haven't, could you please do so at your earliest convenience.

Chromebook Cases: We are again having issues with some students not using cases. Please be on the lookout and write them up when needed. We have purchased some cases that will be available for students and staff to purchase (totally optional) that we hope will be ready within the two next weeks. We will provide more details upon arrival.

Computer Science on Campus: Shout out to Jodi Eyer's 4th-grade class at Big Cross school for building robots that draw as they move! Check out this short VIDEO! The students were part of the design process and were clearly enjoying the results!

We would also like to recognize Maura Ludlow's 9th-grade classes for their use of Screencastify to record a lesson on Recombinant DNA and then submit directly to Google Classroom (the hyperlink above brings you to a video to show you how YOU can record and submit to Classroom for your students)!

(-If you are using computer science, or know those who are, please send me a brief description so that we may use it in this capacity.)

Sign out for Room 111 (HS): There is a sign-out process for Room 111 that should be followed if you desire to use the room. Please contact Carole or Cheryl in the library and they will set you up! Also, only water is allowed in that room. Thanks.

News from Beyond

New Google Forms Update!

Google Forms, the company’s tool for creating and analyzing surveys, got a major update last week. Forms has changed a lot over the past year and now Google has added a slew of new features that range from support for templates to new options for analyzing surveys. Google Apps for Work and Education users can now easily see who has responded to a survey, for example (and prod those who haven’t with the help of the new “send reminder email” feature). Read about - 4 Updates to Google Forms You’re Going to Love

Second-grade students at Charles R. Drew Charter School designed their own playground - and then built it. Watch the five-minute video of this innovative and progressive process and see how these elementary engineers shine!

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Upcoming My Learning Plan Events:

March 22nd @ 3:30 - CPR/AED/FIRST AID - General overview and Refresher (HSLIB)

March 23rd @ 3:15 - Integrating the Use of Google Forms and Sheets (HS114)

March 30th @3:00 - Second Grade Social Studies - A Unit for the New Standards (JH211)

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Reflex Math Allows for a 30-Day Free Trial! Check it out today!

SAMR SECTION - Transforming lessons with SAMR

Lesson: Writing a Short Paper

Lesson: Understanding Shakespeare

Taken from: https://edofict.wikispaces.com/SAMR+Examples and modified.

Original Assignment: Read a Shakespeare play in traditional printed format.

  • Substitution: Read Shakespeare texts online.
  • Augmentation: Use online dictionaries, study guides, history sites, to supplement reading.
  • Modification: Use multimedia resources like text, audio, and video tools to jointly construct knowledge, learning, and understanding of a portion of a play, or a character, as a group project.
  • Redefinition: Answer the Question, “What did the culture of the time have on the writing of Shakespeare’s plays” my using a Concept Mapping tool and constructing a mind map demonstrating key elements through words and images.
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