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California Here I come!!!

On my trip i went to California to tour and go to the beach to chillout. My friend Ashlyn was suppose to go but she bailed out on me!!!! Most of the time was spent on the beach.

My Vacation

Monday, June 10th, 6pm

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

To.. Save money I rented a cheap hotel and ate mostly at fast food restaurants but on the last day I ate a very expensive meal because I had extra money left over.

Day-To-Day Agenda

Monday: Venice Beach

Tuesday: Laguna Beach

Wednesday: Melrose Street (Sight Seeing)

Thursday: Venice Beach

Friday: Beverly Hills

Cost: $200

How it started

For my trip I flew a roundtrip Flight. The airport I went to was DFW airport and I arrived at LAX Airport in California. Since my flight was at 5 A.M that morning I arrived in California at 10 A.M. My flight Airline was Spirit Airlines, The service was amazing and the flight was a straight smooth flight no problems just a normal flight. When I got to the airport I went straight to Hertz Car rental to Pick up my car (Kia Rio). It was an awesome gas saver and plus it was cheap to rent. After all that I went along and drove to my hotel, checked in and got ready to start my day.

What I Ate

Most of the time i ate at Mcdonalds since it was cheap and convenient. It was so inexpensive that I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner there.

The Hotel i stayed in

Sea Rock Inn

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Rental car