Vitamin D

By: Kiara Davis

What does VItamin D do for you? How does Vitamin D function in the body?

  • It controls the amount of calcium and phosphate that is in your body
  • It makes sures that your heart, lungs, muscles, and your brain works well
  • Also helps fights infections

What can happen if your body gets too much Vitamin D?

  • It can make your body really weak
  • Can give you kidney problems

What can happen to your body if you dont get enough Vitamin D?

  • It can mess up the development of your body
  • You can also get a disease that makes your bone tissues mineralize

What are the major sources of Vitamin D?

  • Sun
  • Food
  • Supplements

Interesting Facts

  • Vitamin D was discovered because of the fact of people not having enough of it, and people getting that bone disease
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V- Vitamins are the main things that you need in life

I- Important bodily functions cant happen without you taking in Vitamin D

T- Tones of lighter skin colors are adaptions for producing more Vitamin D in less sunny climates

A- Americans have lower blood levels lower than 75 Nanomoles which is a proven facts that Americans dont get that much Vitamin D

M- Moderate cell growth is a cause of lack of getting the nutrients that you from Vitamin D.

I- Immune systems really need Vitamin D

N- Nanomoles is the units that Vitamin D is measured by

D- Doctors measure Vitamin D levels by the concentration in your blood