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Takira Grinnell

👯gymnastics, dance👯

Gymnastics and dance,I love to dance and flip.I have always loved to do gymnastics.Dance i I always dance around.I have always wanted to be on a team but it never happened yet.But I believe it will one day.I don't know who inspired me to do gymnastics.but I know who inspired me to do dance. It was Maddy Zeigler. My favorite gymnasts are gabby Douglas and Shawn Johnson . My favorite event in gymnastics is floor.

🎤My singing life🎤


When I sing people say wow your voice is good. Of course I say thank you. I don't really know when I started singing but I think it was around kindergarten or first grade. People say I should be in choir but I'm in band oh well. I in joy singing it is really fun. Sometimes I sing when I'm down or happy it doesn't matter I'm always singing. My favorite song is "Lost Boy". By "Ruth B"