Live music and restorative yoga

Therapeutic yogini musician

Soak yourself in beautiful vibrations and exquisite gentle restorative yoga

Rebecca Neuman performs as an acoustic singer-songwriter soloist yogini with diverse and dynamic music that is therapeutically developed. Therapeutic music uses unique vibrations, rhythms, and tempos to create high energy healing frequency. Her influences come from many genres which range from blues, folk, funk, instrumental, jazz, surfer, reggae, rock, punk, tribal, and to world music that promises to enrich and stir hearts. SHE Studios / SHY Yogini/Musician Rebecca Sharon Neuman-Hartley

The instrumentation is diverse and eclectic from Indian flute, African drums, Navaho rattles, guitar and bass, and soulful vocals. Rebecca Neuman leads the ensemble as a multi-talented improvisational composer using modern technology. Automated looping media allows the artist to add layers to the live music. Her solid bass grooves, therapeutic acoustic guitar, tribal percussion, wooden flute, and heartfelt vocalizations as part of the live music experience. The music is mostly original paying homage to the ancient worlds, but with a modern feel, interspersing meditative healing wisdom and occasionally a few covers of well-known artists for encores. The instrumental music seems to tell a story without words.

The restorative yoga session will take one hour. The Hatha based practice uses unique rotational sequences and focus on lower back, shoulders, and neck with restorative yoga to reduce pain and improve mobility. A 20 minute relaxation and meditation session will follow the yoga practice.

Date: May 3, 2014

Time: 4-6pm

Place: Yoga Among Friends

Location: Downers Grove, IL

Fee: $20/person includes therapeutic music CD

Therapeutic music and yoga

Saturday, May 3rd, 4-6pm

4949 Forest Avenue

Downers Grove, IL

The fee is $20 per person with free CD.
4:00 - Therapeutic music session and meditation

4:30 - Restorative Yoga

5:30 - Meditation/relaxation session

5:50 - Inner Circle discussion