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September 2016 News and Updates

Records and More: Legal Names

Since the beginning of school, new student enrollment has brought up questions about legal names and eSchool.

Missouri State laws regarding enrollment require parents to show proof of a legal name for their child. This proof can be birth or hospital records, such as birth certificate, or court documents. The legal name is required and provides a method to keep track of the student's cumulative files as they move through school.

Several schools have had incidents where guardians arrive and insist on the child being called a preferred name. There is no wiggle room for this. The child's legal name not preferred name must be the official name in eSchool, Teachers can call the child by their preferred name, and the child can turn in homework by the preferred name. Grade cards, enrollment class lists, and other official paperwork published from eSchool will contain the legal name.

Parents who are insistent on a preferred name need to understand they must provide official court documents that make the change a child's legal name prior to making adjustments in eSchool or other student information systems.

SPS Volunteer Program News and Updates

This time of year is a busy one for our Site Volunteer Coordinators. Since the beginning of July 1 to now we have had over 1800 volunteer applications submitted from individuals who are interested in providing volunteer service to our buildings. Some of the volunteers are parents interested in helping out at their child's school and other volunteers come from our business, community and faith based organizations.

There have been several questions asked in the past four weeks. These were great questions and we felt other SVCs might have the same concerns. Please review the following.

Question #1

I can't seem to find a volunteer applicant's name in SSCI that I know has a current background check. What is the problem?

Answer #1:

SSCI archives names in two different locations. See the picture below. The name Miller was typed into the "Results-Quick Search" on the SSCI main page. Examine the graphic below. One tab called View Results has 2 results, however, there is another tab called Archived Results that contains 11 different results.

Be aware when you type the name into the "Results-Quick Search," you should check both tabs (View Results and Archived Results) on the results page. If you do not find the name, then you can be safe in assuming the volunteer applicant needs a background check and mark their volunteer form accordingly. (See below: the TOP large picture with SSCI in the upper left hand corner)

Question #2

Can I export the volunteer applications into an Excel Document to sort by teacher information? I have lots of teachers asking if a specific parent has a background check or has expressed an interest in volunteering in a certain classroom?

Answer #2

Yes, See below: the three smaller pictures

Question #3

I tried to export my volunteer list to excel, but i keep getting an error meessage. How do I fix the compatibility problem from question 2?

Answer #3

It is just a few steps to update.

In Internet Explorer navigate to the Site Volunteer Applications page

2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner

3. Select Compatibility View Settings

4. Below “Add this website:” should have the iShare site already but if not type in

5. Click Add

6. Close the Compatibility View Settings window and try the export feature again.

If you still have concerns, contact Julie Kulan through the help desk.

By the Way: This excel conversion only works with IE since it is a Microsoft Product. It is not compatible with Chrome.

Question #4

How can I keep track of my volunteers? I am drowning in emails.

Answer #4

Follow this link to your folder that has all your volunteer names. Save the link as a favorite. Now you will not need to worry about all those emails. Each and every one of your volunteer names will be in the folder application.

Big image

Volunteer Wish List-Please Give Your Feedback

The SPS Volunteer Program is looking for ideas to assist buildings in the recruitment and management of their volunteer and volunteer needs. Please take a moment to complete this quick questionnaire to help us, help you.

Volunteer Wish List by School

McKinney-Vento and Your Building

A few things to remember as you encounter students who may qualify for McKinney-Vento services/homeless status:

· Any student who meets the criteria for McKinney-Vento services should be enrolled immediately even if they lack the typical documents needed for enrollment (these students should also be enrolled even if there is a dispute about which school they should enroll in--there is a formal dispute resolution process for this)

· Students who are doubled-up due to a loss of housing because of hardship qualifies a student for homeless status

· Students living with folks other than their legal guardians because legal guardians are off the radar (and are not in foster care) qualify for homeless status and can enroll with a McKinney-Vento affidavit which can be completed at your school

· Upon enrollment or, when a homeless status is assigned, enrolling secretaries should contact nutrition services to establish free meals for the student

· Students eligible for McKinney-Vento services qualify for transportation COMPARABLE to housed students (the same walking distance applies though there are a few exceptions)

· If the status of a student identified as homeless changes, this change should be reflected in their student record. See Bits, Bytes and Nibbles below for how to change the status coding.

If you have other questions or concerns regarding students and their families in transition, please contact Lynn Shirk at 523-7587.

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Student Information and Eschool Coding

A word from our wonderful SIS team of TinaDiedreRonAmy

  • Any students who are 'no shows' since the beginning of the school year should be withdrawn at this time with a date of 8/16/2016.
  • Steps for Adding / Changing Homeless Status for Students in Eschool.

1. Search for a student or use existing filter to select the student.

2. Go to Student Center>Demographic>Personal.

3. Click on the hyperlink to the right of Homeless Status.

4. Enter the Start Date and click on the down arrow to select the appropriate Value. (See top picture below.)

5. If the student is no longer Homeless, record the end date and click save. (See middle picture below.)

6. If the student's Homeless status has changed, you would record an End Date for the current value then add a new row with a new state date and new value. (See last picture below with double row)

(NOTE: please do not modify the prior value.)

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