Permian Time Period

Explore the wild and beautiful Permian Period

What you need to pack in the Permian Period

You would need to pack some stuff in the period heres what you need you need some air tight dry food a water filter you need Boots a backpack of course and some scuba diving gear some air tanks and thats wraps it up.
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Big things that happened in the Permian Period

The deserts become larger in tropical regions the supercontinent pangaea forms as all continents join together.

What the Permian Periods Climate Was Like and Environment

The Permian Climate was a Tropical climate which means it will be really rainy there so you can o read my other topic one what to bring to the Permian Period and the environment is a marine environment.

The Dominant Organisms Of The Permian Period

dormant things where were dimetrodon dicynodon conifer.

What Travelers Would Like To See In The Permian Period

Travelers would like to see the animals and the plants and the environment and climate.

The Dangers That You Would Face In The Permian Period

You would face getting eaten and bit and drowning in water and also you need to watch your surroundings.
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