Bullying and Depression

by Brooke Schmittinger

Bullying is a type of behavior where constant teasing or harassment occurs. This involves the placement of where people stand such as: populars, nerds/ geeks, etc. People feel it is necessary to harass people about their social status because of who they are friends with or who they're grouped with. People bully those below them because at one point, they were probably bullied, and they feel it is right to experience the same feeling those bullies felt.

What is Depression?

Depression is a disorder that causes a constant sadness and lack of interest in daily activities. Depression is not something that immediately develops because certain things could trigger these things and it could happen to anyone. Depression could be caused by bullying, peer pressure, or even loss of a loved one. When people develop depression, they often feel helpless, worthless, or hopeless and that it will never get better and this feeling will continue for forever.

What is Perseverance? How Can Perseverance Help With Bullying or Depression?

Perseverance is having the will to get back up when someone knocks you down. It means never giving up even when the going gets tough. As well as getting through a tough moment(s) in your life and continuing to go even if an obstacle stands in your way. Coping with depression and bullying can be hard, but persevering will help you get through any tough point.

How Can Bullying/Depression Be Identified?

Bullying/depression can be hard to identify for many reasons. One reason is that person may be embarrassed about it or is uncomfortable talking about it. People can easily hide their emotions by wearing a 'plastic smile' or a 'mask.' One of the easiest ways to tell that someone is wearing a mask or a plastic smile is by looking them in the eyes and asking, "Are you sure you're okay." Most of the time, they will say they are okay but, a sad look can be seen in their eyes and it really isn't hard to tell if they are struggling with something.

How Can Depression Be Treated?

Depression can be treated in many ways. One way is by making some small lifestyle changes such as exercising. Exercising has a great effect on the body, it is almost as good as taking medication to help depression. Eating healthy and getting lots of rest can also have great benefits. Eating healthy will give the body vital nutrients and supply natural energy. Just the same for getting plenty of rest. Sleeping has a large effect on mood. If these things aren't working, going to a psychologist or seeing a doctor will also help.

How Can Bullying Be Stopped?

One way you can stop bullying is by not being a bystander. A bystander is the person that sees what happens, but just stands there and doesn't do anything. You can be the one to change that. If there is bullying occurring, tell a teacher, adult, parent, guardian, etc. The adult will go and handle the situation then and there. If there is no adult there when bullying is occurring, contact any adult as soon as possible.

Why Stand Up For Them?

Standing up for the one getting bullied may not seem like much now. But, eventually, those nice words of encouragement to them will boost their self- confidence and help them in life. Even if it takes a while for them to realize it, the know they do have power in what they say.

Who Felt Like An Outsider?

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Jackie Robinson had the same feeling as those who are bullied or depressed. Jackie Robinson felt the same because he was the first African- American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB). His coach, Branch Rickey, was preparing him for a lot of mental and physical harm from fans or even other teammates. Jackie knew, overall, that what the people thought of him wasn't important, What he thought of himself was all that mattered.

What Can We Learn From Perseverance?

Perseverance is very important when someone struggles with something. At one point in everyone's lives, they have experienced adversities and have to persevere through it and they may not have even realized it. Even though everyone experiences adversities and has to persevere, not everyone fully recovers from those adversities. That is a result from how someone handles their difficulties.
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Just Remember, Everyday is a Second Chance and You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are...