Budget Report

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My Budget

The most my house can cost is $138,635.27.

The most my car can cost is $15,840.38

My Family

My Car

I got a 2012 Navy blue Dodge Charger SE that costs $238.00 per month that sums up a total cost of $14,280. It was pretty easy to find this car tat I wanted. I realized once I saw it and that it was in my price rang, I needed it.

My Apartment

My apartment cost $875 a month for a total of $122,500. Myy apartment comes with a pool and state of the art fitness center. It was a little hard to find an apartment that was in my price range.
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Grocery Shopping

It was hard to go shopping because it was hard to find just name brands of an item. Also sometimes I went over my limit so I had to go back and find that thing at a cheaper price.
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