Week 6

Our FInal Week :) (Class ends Friday)

Class ends Friday :)

You've made it! Monday begins our final week. Please note that our final week is short and ends on Friday. Many students elect to finish up early so as to not interrupt any potential holiday plans. I'll be sending out our lecture notes today so that you can send your Code Work early if you'd like. Thanks for all of your hard work this term...it was a pleasure working with you :) -Robyn
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Week 6: Items Due (Class ends FRIDAY 12/25)

Please note: Our final week ends on FRIDAY. Be sure to stay on time as late work is not accepted. The following is due:

- Live Lecture : Email me your Code Work by Friday

- Discussion: Changes in Society (Main Post by Tuesday, Reply by Friday)

- Course Project; Final Submission

-Final Exam (Just like the Midterm: Pick three. Each essay should be 250-300 words (total around 900 words). Submit as one file. Include which questions you answered in bold; type your essay below the question).