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The Sixth Grade Newsletter

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This newsletter provides information on activities and concerns of sixth grade students and teachers. For more detailed information on individual subject areas, please refer to the teacher's School Fusion page, linked beneath their picture below. For information on school wide events and initiatives, please visit the Pennington homepage. If you have a question or concern, please email us directly using the information below.

Mr. Anderson - Language Arts

All of the students will take the STAR test next week, which will replace the Gates test as our reading assessment. Students will also practice identifying the elements of fiction with a plot diagram, and revising sentences for correct usage and mechanics, as I've seen a few slips this week with capitalization and punctuation. Please, remain diligent in monitoring your child's reading at home by reviewing and discussing their reading log with them whenever possible.

Ms. Bosse - Math

We are still working in our Number Sense unit. Students learned the 'power triangle' for converting. We will quiz mid-week on ordering and comparing.

Mr. Cardone - Social Studies

On Friday, we completed our unit on Geography. On Tuesday students will have a quiz covering the geographic regions of North America and the bodies of water that shaped the United States. On Thursday, the Cartographer’s Challenge project is due and we will have a Kahoot review for the unit test, which will happen on Monday 10/5.

Mr. Cardone - Science

Next week we will wrap up our unit on the Nature of Science by exploring inferences, collecting/organizing data, and writing conclusions. We will have a quiz on Wednesday covering identifying variables and controls.

Introduction to World Languages – 6th grade – 18 weeks

We have finished our unit on Culture and Stereotypes. Next week we will start learning the basics of the Latin language. Please check school fusion for our class notes.

Señora Lowe

Blue Jay 5K and Hero Mile

Saturday, Oct. 31st, 8:30am

9305 Stonewall Road

Manassas, VA