Stay Focused Extension

Limit the amount of time spent on time wasiting websites

What is the Stay Focused Extension?

Every day, your students sit down with the intention to get their work done right away. They just have to update their Facebook page, check their email, see what's trending on Twitter and then check out the latest update on their favourite band on Wikipedia. Next thing they know, it's 4 hours later and there is no time left to do their homework!

The Fix!

The Stay Focused Google Chrome extension is a productivity app. You can set time limits for particular websites and once you've reached that limit, it locks down the website and you can't return to it until the next day. It obviously can't force productivity but it definitely will push students in that direction.

Stay Focused allows you to block or allow entire sites, specific subdomains, specific pages and even specific content on pages like videos, games and images).

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Stayfocusd - a useful chrome extension to regulate online behaviour