Social-emotional Development

Birth-age 2


  • Quality and intensity of emotional reactions.
  • There are different patterns in Temperament.
  • Passivity relates to how actively involved they are.
  • Irritability relates to the tendency of distressed.
  • Activity Patterns relates to levels of movement.
  • Infants want to feel love and attention.
  • Children will grow to be happy.


  • Strong emotional connection between people.
  • Infants attach to small group of people.
  • Attach begins early in life.
  • Separation Anxiety is another attachment behavior.
  • Happens when caregiver is leaving.
  • Reaction occurs in nine months of age.
  • 9-18 months has difficulty in daycare.

Twelve to Twenty-Four Months

  • Become upset about future things.
  • Becoming self aware of things, saying "NO".
  • Become interested in exploring.
  • Curious about new places.
  • More interested in other children.
  • But they don't interact too much.
  • start to become aware of their own abilities.