Perserverance; The Key to Success

By McKaela Lulic


Perseverance to me is the will to go on. Even after something horrible happens, people who persevere always choose to try again. Furthermore, perseverance is the determinaron to continue, and in this choice you set your mind on a gol. Perseverance takes action and determination to get to your goal. As Tom Hiddleston said, “You never know what's around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you've climbed a mountain.”

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Winston Churchill, John Maunder, and Jakie Robinson all believed in never giving up.

Cause and Effect

John Maunder, a man we all know very well today as the founder and creator of Nutty Bavarian Co-Branding, didn't always have the job we all know him so well for today. His enterprise first started out as an idea. One day he quit his job and said "I CAN DO THIS!" In 1989 he started his new job. At first his new job wasn't as successful as he wanted. He wasn't making enough money, so he started making phone calls and eventually got a conference to see if he could start to sell his product at Universal Studios. They agreed, but he had to sell his own products. After all of his hard work at Universal Studios, he finally accomplished his dream! This also shows that risk-taking is one characteristic of people who persevere to achieve their goals.

Compare and Contrast

I chose to compare Winston Churchill and Eleanor Roosevelt because they are both successful and well-known figures who have persevere in their lives. Here are some striking differences between them. While Winston Churchill went to war Eleanor Rosevelt stayed home to take care of injured soldiers. Some people might think of Churchill as more of a risk taker, but he had different opportunities as a man. Roosevelt stayed home, but risked her life as well surrounded by infectos disease. Another difference is that when Churchill was younger he was in military training but Eleanor had already made one of the biggest decisions of her life. Eleanor figured out that she wanted to advocate for oppressed people without a voice. Winston Churchill was forced out of politics, but Eleanor was basically a more quiet forcé in politics when her husband decided to become senator, then president. As you could see, these people walked very different paths, but they both fought for the same thing, to make a better tomorrow for everybody.
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Strength and vision.

Chronological Order/Sequence

When Jackie Robinson was a child, he started to play baseball. As he got older, he decided to get more serious about the sport. Soon Jackie Robinson started to go for tryouts in more competitivo teams, but no team would take him because of his skin color. Then one day Robinson got the chance of a lifetime. A man named Branch Rickey gave him the chance to become the first black player in history. Jackie agreed, but he knew it would be a bumpy ride. As he got more gigs, people started abusing him. They abused him physically and mentally. Even though all of this happened he played on. Finally, he had achieved his goal! He had started a new era through perseverance; a time where people with different skin colors could play together. He had set a goal, taken risks, endured hardship, and persevered to achieve his goal. He triumphed in the end!
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Jackie Robinson: breaking through society's racism.


A more modern example of perseverance is the acclaimed author J.k Rowling. The globally recognized author of Harry Potter faced 12 publishers who rejected the manuscript of Harry Potter. She was a risk tare as a single mother without a a secure paycheck. In the face of poverty and publishers refusing to consider her story, she still made time to write and kept sending in her story. Despite all of the editors' opinions, she pushed on and decided that she would publish her books even in the face of repeated criticism. She would not falter again. If she had stopped at her first, second, or third rejection then we wouldn't have the Harry Potter books we all know and love today. She showed determination. Rowling was tenacious, stubborn, tough, and strong-willed when she continued to try and get her book published. The characteristics of perseverance despite repeated failure are part of her incredible story. Rowling is known as a modern author that got this generation excite about reading again. This is a huge accomplishment considering she cometed with computers and video games.
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Author J.K. Rowling: single mom to famous author.

Problem and Solution

When Thomas Edison was a young child, nobody thought he would be smart or even average. People thought he would always be inadequate, but he proved them wrong. However, through perseverance he proved them wrong. When Thomas Edison was a small child he was looking into an elevator and it resulted in serious brain damage. However as he got older, he made a full recobre. As he got older he healed. Another problem or adversity in his life was that his teachers didn't think highly of him because he didn't speak until he was four years old. He got over this adversity by pleading with every adult to explain the definitions of words. Some people believed that he didn't read until he was seven years old. When teachers thought he was spacing out during school, he was actually thinking of mathematical equations and questions that humans couldn't even answer. One day he decided he wanted to make the lightbulb, so he ran many tests and experimenta after thousands of failed algorthms and modelo, then he tried lightning... It worked! After all of these adversities he triumphed in his career as an inventor and became one of the greatest inventors of the 18th century. He took on the question of harnessing electricity and through repeated experiments, he found the solution on the form of a light bulb. His perseverance changed the way humans live and work.
JK Rowling, Thomas Edison & Perseverance- Author John Shufeldt on Ingredients of Young Outliers book


Thomas Eddison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, J.K Rowling, John Maunder, and Jackie Robinson have all persevered in life. These people have gone through adversities; some worse than others, but in the end all of these people were resilient, and inspiring. Their shared experience is that they all have faced adversity, taken risks, set goals, and overcome their adversities to become very successful. As a final piece of wisdom from one of the modern figures of perseverance: "It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default. -J.K Rowling
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