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Heidi Hernandez

Procedures of Civil Case

Hi guys, I will explain what each term in a civil case means in case you ever find yourselves in a trouble situation and don;t understand a concept.
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is the person or group who a lawsuit


the person who is being accused of a crime


a formal notice of a lawsuit


the notice directing someone to appear to court to answer a complaint or charge


the complaint and answer combined in a civil case

Pretrial Confernce

meeting of parties regarding and action and their attroney that are held before the actual court day


situation in which a 3rd party helps the plaintiff and defendant to reach an agreement


situation in which a 3rd party listens to plaintiff and defendant, reviews and makes a final decision that is binding for both


examination of evidence by a judge (before the jury), use to decide guilt or innocence of a crime

Preponderance of Evidence

convincing evidence that judge or jury base to favor a side


the judges decision, regarding the case


if the side that lost believes something went wrong in the case, they can request a higher court to review the case