The Maze Runner SSR Project

Justice Woods

About the Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is a 372 page book written by James Dasher. It has action, suspense and mystery all intertwined around a giant maze that a group of boys must solve.

Why I Read the Maze Runner

Hi, my name is Justice and along with creating this Smore page, I also one of many readers of the book The Maze Runner. I personally thought that it was a great read, it kept you on your toes and impelled you to keep reading after the end of every chapter.

In a Life or Death Situation, Would this be a good Last Book?

Oh goodness no. This would probably be the last book you want to read because there is a sequel! After finishing the last sentence your final thoughts just might be "Crap! I wish I had more time to finish them all!"

3 Things I Loved about the Book (With Explanations! Woo!)

1.) Suspense: At the end of every single chapter of the book was a suspenseful cliffhanger which made you dive into the next page, and get mad if you needed to stop.

2.) Action: This book is packed with great packets of action in almost every chapter. Making The Maze Runner have a solid blast of powerful moments that makes this book never boring.

3.) Drama: This book has multiple twists and turns that focus on the Maze. Also, the characters have to figure out their past to try and save the future. This makes them choose sides between themselves. And that always leads to drama!

2 Things I did not like about the Book (With Explanation! Woo!)

1.) Drawing out the things that could be more awesome in one chapter but instead you draw it out and put it into two chapters: Self explanatory.

2.) The are more books and you NEED to read them: Enough said.

1 Connection that I made with the Text.

A connection that I made with the text would have to be when Thomas shot out into the Maze to save Minho and Alby when no one was doing anything. There have been times where no one was doing anything to help out or take the first step in something different. That is when I would step in and make a change.

Favorite Quote

"Nice to meet you shank...welcome to the Glade"

-page 4

Who would you Recommend this to?

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good, short read, distopian book that grabs your attention and never lets go until you finish the last book of the series.

How has this book broadened your perspective on the ways of people, your idea about life, culture, teenagers, etc.

The Maze Runner has broadened my perspective on the ways of teenagers. Most people in the modern day thing that all we care about is partying and being on our phones, we have no leadership skills, and that we are lazy. But this book proves just how many things teenagers can do with will power and the urge to get the job done.