Andrew Jackson

Definitely a zero!

Trail of Tears

Hey there's a very small, un-needed part of land we don't have, lets force thousands of people to leave their homes to get it! This most likely is what Jackson was thinking when he moved over 15,000 Cherokee natives (4,000 of which died) off of their land and in to new land. Imagine being completely uprooted with your family and moved far away, never to see your home again. Terrible, am i right?
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Spoils System

I do think it is great that Andrew Jackson was getting more people involved in politics, but there is a fine line between giving common people government jobs to benefit the community, and giving common people government jobs when they are not at all qualified just because they support you. In my opinion, we are very lucky that all of those unqualified politicians didn't make any stupid decisions and make more problems for America. I mean seriously, just leave government to the professionals. They were there for a reason!
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In 1828 congress passed the "Tariff of Abominations." This was a tariff that very badly effected the south because they were so dependent on foreign goods. South Carolina realized how awful this was and decided they should be able to nullify tariffs as bad as this. South Carolina wasn't paying the tariff so the congress enacted the "Force Bill" forcing them to pay the terrible tariff. This was greatly hurting South Carolina's economy and i'm sorry but wasn't Andrew Jackson the "President of the Common Man?" He should be on South Carolina's side in this but no, he just sat around and threatened to hang their leader if they were to secede as they threatened.