Resiliency of Oliver Sykes

By - Brittany Whitfield

Oliver Sykes

  • Oliver Sykes is the lead singer of Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH).
  • In March 2004, is when the band was started, and he has been there since the beginning.
  • But Oliver has faced many problems while growing up, and still to this very day. Growing up he was bullied.
  • In recent years, he had a terrible drug addiction that he had to deal with.
  • Growing up and still to this day he has to deal with depression and loneliness (Halfin).

Growing Up

  • Oliver moved a lot as a kid. ("Read and Take: Oliver Sykes Biography").
  • "He moved to Australia with his parents Ian and Carol Sykes when he was young, moving between Adelaide and Perth over the course of about five years. He then moved back to the UK at the age of about eight" ("Read and Take: Oliver Sykes Biography").
  • While in the UK he went to Stocksbridge High School. He met all of his band member at school, not know that in a few years they would make a band, and become popular everywhere ("Read and Take: Oliver Sykes Biography").
  • But at almost all the schools he attended he was bullied (Halfin).
  • And then he began a battle with depression (Halfin).

His Drug Addiction

  • 2010 till 2014 Oliver was addicted to Ketamine, a drug that could have easily took his life if he continued to use it. ("Bring Me the Horizon Changes Music Forever").
  • But with lots of support from his family, band, and fans he successfully completed a 2 month rehab. But before he went to rehab he had to get support from his family and band to help get him into rehab.
  • At first his family and band was just going to let him continue the way he was.
  • But after long they helped and he went to rehab.
  • During rehab no one knew that he had went, but while in rehab he got letters, text messages, and emails all saying people supported him through this time. After, he was in rehab for 2 months he was ready to go back home, and continue to get better from everything that had happen (Antonia).
  • When he got home, he had writers block for a few month, then he decided to write about depression and the addiction, this album was called 'Sempiternal'. "But that it's better to accept depression rather than trying to block out the darkness. It's about accepting it, accepting who you are, and accepting what life is" (Halfin).
  • He wanted people to listen to this album and know that you have to accept what happens in life, and not block it out. (Andrew).

What Helped Him Through the Hard Time and Did it Help Others as Well?

  • During the 2 months he was in rehab, he had tons of support.
  • But growing up he felt that he had no one to really help him with the bulling and depression.
  • Music is what helped him the most with everything from the bulling, to the depression, and to the addiction.
  • "Music is truly healing. I urge you to become addicted to the healing in music" ("Bring Me the Horizon Changes Music Forever").
  • When 'Sempiternal' came out in 2013, and BMTH went on tour, he had many people say that the music helped them through a tough time in their life.
  • "When we wrote 'Suicide Season,' we weren't writing lyrics to try and help people or get anyone through anything but the amount of people who come to to me since and said a particular song had helped them through something or kept them alive" (Admin).
  • He liked the feeling of helping people through their music, and it made him a lot happier knowing that when they released a new album that is was helping people. "There's never a point in my day when I'm happier than when I'm onstage" (Admin).
  • He never thought his music would affect people like music did for him.
Bring Me the Horizon's Oliver Sykes: Drugs and Rock & Roll - Louder P.O.V.