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Investigation! (Research)

The problem is:

The design brief is:

The target audience is Grade 7 students and Grade 7 teachers who will be acting as potential home-buyers.

Testing Method:

The product will be a short persuasive film (aka infomerical) and it will be shown to my target audience on 29th of May, Wednesday and the target audience will complete a feedback form and the feedback form will ask questions that are directly linked to the design specs.

Design Specification:

1. Must be 5 minutes in length.

2. Includes title and credits.

3. Contain original and appropriate music

4. Must work with partner (BOTH PARTNERS APPEAR IN FILM)

5. Balance of original film and photos.

6. Balance between spoken words, and music.

7. Effective use of text. (Subtitles, titles, etc.....)

8. Demonstrate effective editing techniques (transition.)

9. Product must be persuasive.

10. Demonstrate excellent video capturing skills!


(a) find some excellent examples of effective use of music in films where the music enhances the story-telling expereince.

My heart will go on by Celine Dion in the film "Titanic" was a very sad song. This song was in several scenes in the movie, such as the credits section. James Horner was the one who composed the song, but Celine Dion was the one who made the song.

This is the URL of the song:

This is the URL of the song on Youtube:

(b) research about the relationship between music and mood/emotion

-Jazz makes you feel calm, and relaxing. It has a really good beat to it.

-Fast tempo songs, can you make a person happier

-Major and minor tone in a song, will show that a song is going to be sad

-Soft music will indicate, that it's a sad, or scary song, while loud music, shows anger or happiness.



(c) 5 Things I have learned using Soundations:

-That having different dynamics would make the song better

-Adding lots of beats and drums are gonna make a happier song

-Adding different beats at the same time can make the song more better

-Having repetive beats is okay

-How to mix and match music

My URL is:

Thoughts about Clubcreate

(d) I have created an extremely sad song, which was 3 minutes long, using a site called Clubcreate. It was easier to use compared to Soundation, because, there was everything you needed on the site. It had more tunes than Soundation, and it was easier to add in beats/tunes than in Soundation. If you had to recommend a site to make a sad song, I think Clubcreate is better because it has more of a sad tune, while Soundation is more of a dance music tunes. Over all, I think Clubcreate was easier to use compared to Soundation.