Boogies Bungee Jumping

Let's bounce!

About us

Run by Jaz, Alex, and Mak, our goals are to make you smile because we're nice people like that.

Our main rule is that before you drop you must sing free fallin' by John Mayer. It's a tradition. Don't question it.

Boogie was my grandfather..... He died.

get some.

Some things we offer.

How we do

We're open from 9AM-Midnight Mon-Sat. Gotta have a day for Jesus.

No dress code, just be dressed.

We bungee all ages, but we ain't responsible for your kids pants.

We'll supply the cake and lunches, but tell us what you want ahead of time, yeah?

Our main goal is to put smiles on everyone's face, and to prevent further emergency room payments :)