Why do we get sore?

Soreness background

Soreness is something people commonly get... But very few actually know why our body gets sore!

Our body/muscles get sore because our muscles can only handle so much until your muscle fibers will start to tear. The word tearing may sound offle, but when the microscopic tears happen, it rebuild new muscle after that. The tearing and rebuilding is what causes that soreness the few days after that hard workout.

But this all occurs mostly in people who don't usually work out & then do a strenuous activity or do something hard which they usually don't. The more you do strenuous activities, the less the soreness will be do to repeated cycle.


One way to treat this soreness is to stretch really well before and after your workout, it will help to warm the muscles up and stretch them out. Resting is also a big key, & if you can, massages are really good to release some of the soreness/stiffness.

The symptoms of this would be obvious stiffness & inflammation in the muscles

Interesting Fact...

Did you know there are workout pills you can take before you workout that will enter to your muscles & have it so when your working out or doing strenuous work, it will ADD muscle onto your current muscle instead of tearing it, therefore making the process of building muscle faster and making soreness almost little to nothing!