Simon Birch

Cindi Wacker

Theme: Believing in something big

Evidence: In the story the brother believed in Doodle that he could walk so he continued to try and help him walk and swim. In a scene Simon say " God has a special plan for me"(Simon Birch) Explanation: That's a big belief for a small boy. He also cared about his brother and believed that he could achieve the goals the brother set out for him.

Simon's Character

Simon is a tough guy and he does not let others bring him down. He takes the punishments also for his actions. He is kind to others especially to Joe, Emotional and Physical:but He feels sorry about killing Joe's mom. He acts the same way in the story also. It shows this in the movie He felt horrible when the baseball hit Joe's mom. Interactions:And he loves Joe because he gave him a gift and kept saying sorry and Joe feels the same way because he still want's to be Simon's friend.He also knows he's going to die, but he doesn't need sympathy and he looks at the world positive.

Simon Birch Pov: Scene one

I'm so happy I have an amazing friend Joe he has always been their for me when no one else. He also believes in my dreams and his mom is like another mom to him because his parents don't treat him well. Joe has always been with me through thick and thin. Joe is not like the other kid's or the pastor he understands my feelings.

Scene Two

when I hit Joe's mom with a baseball by accident. I felt really bad and I didn't mean to,I had questioned my faith that day, but I knew I must trust him. I'm just glad Joe forgave me that day otherwise I don't think I would have a best friend. Joe's mom meant a lot to me she was like another mom and I'm glad I could experience that.

Scene Three

I was riding with Joe on the the next day, It was time to go home. Joe was shocked and unhappy with the pastor finding out that it was is real dad so he didn't talk and I was not feeling well so I didn't also. Most people were silent,I wish we all were that day because the bus driver had looked at us and told us to shush without knowing that when he turned around a deer would be waiting. We turned left and right and bounced,it was like a roller coaster to your death. We ended up in the water no body was quiet now, everyone was yelling crying Joe was trying to get their attention, but no one would listen. I stood up and told everyone that each and every one of them were going to get out and be the same. Even if it meant me dying. Luckily everyone got out including me,but I knew I wasn't going to make it much longer.
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Simon Birch Bus Accident