Coincdence Magazine 2015 Edition!

Fancy meeting you here

Your Luck and You!

This man claims he can improve your luck, at his luck school! (see more at pg.3)
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Note Worthy Events!

Weekly Non-News

Lucky Woman Flips coin and guesses right 17 times in a row, Mathematician Ruins her fun. (see more at pg.11)
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Scary Story of the week!

A man is killed by a taxi while riding his moped and one year later to the day his brother meets his fate at the hands of the same taxi carrying the same passenger while riding the same scooter.

Laura Meet Laura

Laura Buxton aged ten released a balloon with her name on it. It flew 140 miles until it landed in the yard of another ten year old Laura Buxton.

Main Story

Why we want coincidence

All these stories above are incredible yet all of them looked at mathematically are not that uncommon all of them as determined by Mathematicians are not an anomaly. However that is not the point they seem incredible to us because we want order in a world full of chaos. How come we see 59 68 13 5 27 9 as normal lottery numbers but we see 1 2 3 20 30 40 as "special" or unusual even though both scenarios are just as likely. That is because people look for meaning in a coincidence where sometimes there is none. But that is what makes a coincidence the fact that it has meaning to us.

Is this man a wizard!?

We don't know (More on Pg.27)
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By Georgi Kiricov