The Life Pack

The newest and best survival machine

The Life Pack is a high tech backpack designed to keep you alive through any situation

The life back provides and fulfills all 8 survival needs, including a few hidden designs.


1.) To maintain a bodys homeostasis, the pack comes equipped with a built in cooling system. All over the pack, there are small holes and shutters, allowing for breeze and cool air to come in during hot weather, and they shut when u need to keep heat in.

2.) To keep you supplied with water, the pack comes with built in tubes that feed from the backpack to your mouth, and it draws in water from humidity in the atmosphere, to supply never ending water.

3.) To help you eat and consume food, there are pouches all over to hold snacks, as well as survival tools needed to catch and hunt prey. There are also foods with certain nutrients, insuring you get your dose of necessities.

What else?

Self Defense and remaining functions

To help you protect yourself, the life pack comes with a auto designed reaction defense. When threatened, the pack will either equip you with defenses or activate adrenaline stimuli.

When needing to release feces from your body, to let waste out, the pack comes to you with a stored pop up blind and toilet paper. Simply open the pack and reach in for the items. If you run out just let the pack sit for a few minutes and open again, with new merchandise.

In order to adapt, the pack will extend with you if you grow in size, or if your inventory grows in size, or both. Release the zipper on the bottom pouch and watch the pack extend greatly.

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