Copyright and fair use

By Benji Rodela

Definition of copyright

It is the way that you claim your work online. So other people don't copy your work and claim it as theirs when it was originally your work. It protects the person who did the work.

So when you do copy somthing make shure you cite your information.

The Fair Use rules and guidelines

Under the fair use act if you are copying things for educational purpouses reporting

Under the fair use as criticism, teaching, news, reporting, are acceptable as fair use and should be ok. If you are using music from a song if the video is 3 minuites long then you should be able to use 10% [30 seconds] of the song without having to cite your information. photograph or illustration may be used in its 10 but no more than 15 images by an artist or photographer These are the general rules and guidelines of the fair use policy.