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Here's What's Going On at School: Feb 15 - Feb 19

“The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd.

The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.”

~Albert Einstein~

Monday, February 15

  • No School today - Presidents’ Day - Enjoy your day off!

Tuesday, February 16

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Ferguson’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • Stephanie gone all day (I think) for site visit to Barnabas Prep

  • Goal Team Meetings - Library - 3:50 pm

  • District-wide WOLF Parent Informational Meeting in our APR - 6:00 pm

  • K-Prep (hosted by Parents As Teachers) - Library - 6:30 pm

Wednesday, February 17

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Ferguson’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • SGF Regional Opera’s “Alice In Wonderland” for Kdg & 1st (& special programs) - Library - 9:15 am

Thursday, February 18

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Ferguson’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • Stephanie gone 2:00 pm for doctor’s appointment

  • TST Meeting - Miss Fondren’s Office - 4:00 pm

Friday, February 19

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Ferguson’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • Happy Birthday PT Julie Letterman! Enjoy your day!!

  • STUCO Spirit Day: TWINS DAY!!

  • HRAs - Library - 7:30 am to 9:00 am

  • RIF for 1st & 2nd Grades - Classrooms - 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm

  • Student Council Service Trip to Ozarks Food Harvest - 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm


3rd Grade to Peter & Wolf on Monday, February 22

SPED DPs + Friends Bowling on Tuesday, February 23

Celebration Assembly on Friday, February 26

Pre-K Story Time (hosted by Parents as Teachers) in Library on Monday, February 29 (10:00 am)

Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, March 01

Staff Celebration Lunch on Thursday, March 03

TST Meeting on Thursday, March 03

PTA Board Meeting on Thursday, March 03

Project HATS Day on Friday, March 04

End of 3rd Quarter on Friday March 04

Spring Break Monday, March 07 - Friday, March 11

No School on Monday, March 14: PL/PW Day

PTA Board Meeting on Tuesday, March 15

TST Meeting on Thursday, March 17

STUCO Spirit Day on Friday, March 18

Spring Pictures on Wednesday/Thursday, March 23/24

SPED DP + Friends to SGF Gymnastics on Monday, March 28

Pre-K Story Time (Parents As Teachers) on Monday, March 28

4th Grade to Symphony on Tuesday, March 29

KDG & 1st Grade Performances on Tuesday, March 29

Staff Bathroom Etiquette - An Odd Thing to Write About...

At our last faculty meeting, we had a discussion about "staff bathroom etiquette." Essentially, here is the summary of our conversation: While we do have a shortage of staff bathrooms when compared with the number of employees in our building, our main office staff restroom should be used for "quick trips" in and out, rather than restroom breaks that we say...take a little longer!

Our main office restroom is used all day every day by Delaware staff, itinerant staff, visitors to the building, parents, and sometimes students. The disadvantage here is that this restroom is only feet away from where visitors to our building sign in and out, parents wait to pick up their children, staff members are making copies or picking up items from the color printer, and from the desk of our fantabulous school secretary. Needless to say, when the main office restroom is used for something more than a "quick trip" in and out, odors can linger and it can make our main office area an uncomfortable place to be!

All staff members are invited to use this restroom when needed, as it is close to many classrooms, teaching spaces, and our mailboxes. However, I am kindly asking that if you have restroom business that is something more than a "quick trip" in and out, please locate one of our other staff restrooms for use - and this includes the one in my office. There is a restroom in my office as well, but that is not MY bathroom, that is a staff bathroom, and while there may be times it's not appropriate to use the restroom in my office due to meetings or parent conferences, any other time it's available and my office is open, don't hesitate to ask. And if you need a little privacy...just inform me that I might have a meeting in another part of the building and I'll kindly vacate.

Now, to lighten up the mood from what must be the oddest thing I've typed up in our weekly update this school year, please click below to hear a special message from Principal Gerry Brooks, otherwise known as LexPrincipal. He's one of my favorites!

Staff bathrooms etiquette...

Recognize A Fellow Colleague!

Everyone likes to be recognized for work well done, for doing someone a special favor, for being a partner in crime, and for surviving a particularly bonkers week. For some, being recognized makes it all worthwhile! I am issuing a challenge to each and every Delaware staff member. Take 3 minutes of your time to recognize one or more of our staff members this week! It takes almost no time at all, and you will make someone's day! When anyone at our school is recognized using this system, I receive a notification of who sent it and who received it, so...accept this challenge and let someone know how much you appreciate them! Click HERE!

Twin Day is Coming - Friday, February 19

Start planning now for TWIN DAY on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19! Find a friend and dress alike! We are going to have a fun contest for best dressed, so don't be left out!
Big image

Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings...

I feel like I share this information every year, but this is the time of year when principals are meeting'ed to death! Well, maybe not to death, but some of the meetings we go to...well, let's just say during some of them we feel like we'd prefer death!

In all honesty, I have the opportunity to serve on some very neat committees, and for that I'm grateful. You all know how it goes when you're serving on any committee - you get the bird's eye view of changes, and it's fun to be a part of the group that is driving change! The downside is that it's time away from regular building duties. While some meetings are more productive than others, they all have worth in their own way.

So, as I have done during the past two years at this time, I want to apologize to you for the blizzard of commitments that will pull me away from school in the coming weeks. I attempt to schedule my doctor's appointments super early in the morning, last thing of the day, or on days when students are not in the building, but when I go for my Remicade treatments, my only option is 2:00 pm, and I can't always get those appointments to coincide with days when we have no kiddos (luckily they're only once overy 6 weeks or so).

All in all, I want to thank you for your patience this time of year when all of our schedules are frantic, and just when you have two minutes to come see me about something...I'm not there. You can always catch me by text or email (both are delivered right to my phone), and if you need to see me in person to discuss a timely concern, then come park your caboose in my office and refuse to leave until we can connect! Well, maybe that's not the best way, but you get my drift! I work late at least two nights a week, so if you need to visit with me in person and now, I will ALWAYS make time for you. I promise.

EXPLORE! is Coming! Registration begins Feb 08!

Summer School has been re-imagined, and it's going to be FANTASTIC!! EXPLORE 2016 will provide meaningful, fun, engaging, and all-new options for students! Gone are the days of "Moving Up to 3rd Grade" and here to stay are themed courses that will feel more like a summer camp than summer school! Thanks to Elaina Whitson who has volunteered to serve as our EXPLORE liaison! We will have a couple of mobile devices set up near the front of the school so parents can register their children online. We will be making a BIG push to get our students enrolled, and I'm so happy to report that Delaware will serve as an EXPLORE site for 2016! There will be two sessions, one in June and one in July, for a full 8 weeks of summer programming. In your newsletters home, please let parents know that EXPLORE is coming, and it's going to be so much fun!!

UPDATE: Big NEWS!!! At Wednesday's principals' meeting, we learned that schools may receive up to a $4000 bonus to our school budgets if we meet and/or exceed enrollment goals for EXPLORE! So, as I'm thinking of ways we can bump up our enrollment, I may be asking for your help in personally contacting parents to bump up enrollment numbers! Trust me, $4000 is a HUGE number when you think about how much $$ we have had cut from our budgets in recent school years. THIS IS BIG! LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER AND MEET OUR GOALS!!!

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