AeroSpace Engineer

Design, Construct, and Test Aircraft

Job Description

Aerospace Engineers perform engineering duties in designing and building aircraft. They may work on missiles and spacecraft. They may help determine which materials and equipment are right for certain products.
They may also be called:
  • Aerodynamics Engineers
  • Aeronautical Engineers
  • Aerospace Stress Engineers

Education Required

You need a Bachelors degree.
No related work experience.
Little to no on the job training.

Day-to-Day work activities

  • advise clients or customers.
  • analyze engineering design problems.
  • analyze scientific research data or investigative findings.
  • use drafting or mechanical drawing techniques.

working Conditions

  • Working indoors in environmentally controlled conditions.
  • Having face-to-face discussions.
  • The importance of being accurate or exact.
  • Working with a group or team.
  • Freedom to make decisions without supervision.


The high for wages in Minnesota is $72.67 per hour. The median for this job are around $55.55 per hour. There are around 300 people working in Minnesota as Aerospace Engineers. The career is extremely small and the job outlook is slim but growing as demand/technology increases.


You get to work on air planes and do a very interesting job.
You earn a good wage and work with groups of people.
You may have trouble finding a job near your original home.
You may have to travel to find job openings.