Bret Michaels and Rickie Rocket have been in the band for a long time and Bret Michaels is the leader of the band he made it. He and his band used to be hooked on drugs long hair and they have had a lot of hit albums.

hes a heavy metal and glam metal known as Bret Micheal

When he was little he wanted to show his parents his permanence down in the basement. BY sing and dance and he was one of them kids with diabetes so he was hyper and he wanted to be a heavy metal persony

Rickie Rocket

He was born August 8th 1961 and his Age is 54 he is the lead guitarist for poison and he plays for 2 other bands and he has been with poison for a long time and he likes poison a lot and he loves to perform with his friends and likes to be a heavy metal person

C.C DeVille

He was also one of the lead guitarist in poison he also loves to perform on stage with his friends and he was born may 14, 1962 he has been friends with Bret Micheals for along time and they know each other really well

Bobby doll

He loves to be in the band he really loves to sing he used to sing in front of his parents too. Him and Bret sang in front each others parents when they were little and they used to have a lot in common


Back then he had over 30 songs plus he is a country singer and a heavy metal person and he loves to go perform and put out all of his songs in stores and sell them he has a lot of people who buy his albums.


he got a wife and two kids

he loves to travel around the world

he has his own private jet

he made a tea called Snapple

he got smashed by an elevator in a show got a head concussion

he is in a show called rock my rv

and he let his two kids sing with him on stage

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He is still friend with them and they are not together he still gots his old band members and he sometimes sings by himself and Rickie rocket is still the lead guitarist.
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