Third Grade News

October 5 - October 9

Parade of Pumpkins

Friday, Oct. 16th, 6pm

1190 McDermott Drive

West Chester, PA

Students should arrive at 6:00pm, having eaten dinner, dressed in their costume, and ready to lend a hand!

In order for our event to be successful, we are going to need your help! Read on to find out ways to lend a hand…

Bake Sale! – We have sent out a Sign-Up Genius asking for donations for baked goods for the evening of Parade of Pumpkins. Please see the email and let me know if you have any questions.

Donate! - Bringing Hope Home has set up donor pages for our event. Students and their parents are encouraged to click on the following link and register to begin collecting donations: Once you are registered, you can share your donor page with family and friends to help our fundraiser be the most successful one yet!

Volunteer! – We will need all hands on deck for set-up and clean-up on the evening of the event. Keep an eye out for an addition Sign-Up Genius for volunteer opportunities!

Language Arts

In Language Arts this week, students worked on the comprehension skill, Compare & Contrast. We read the passage, Hot Desert, Cold Desert and identified how the author organized the text. We immediately recognized that one paragraph compared the two deserts while the other contrasted the two. We also looked for clue words that would help us find similarities and differences. Words such as alike, so, both, similar, different, and same are clues! Students read different passages independently to work on this skill on their own. They were able to recall these text features when they compared and contrasted two different Frankenstein drawings and wrote about how they are alike and how they are different!

West Chester Walking Tour

Walk Through History with the Chester County Historical Society

The students loved our visit to West Chester earlier this week! We toured town looking for clues from the past. Clues included date stones, markers & monuments, leftovers, look up, changes to the original building, and style. We visited about 20 different locations, looking for these clues. The students were so knowledgeable about West Chester and it's history. We were given booklets that we are using to put together SpokenPhoto Albums on our iPads. We will send the booklets home when we are done so you can learn more about our historic town!

Kind Club

We have 5 official members of the Kind Club! I am so proud of the students for demonstrating kindness toward our classmates and friends in other classes. Congratulations to Addison, Hope, Maddie, Alexis and Caitlin! We can't wait to add the rest of our class. Our Kind Critters jar is almost full which means we will be celebrating soon!

On October 15th, our 3rd through 5th grade girls will attend a special assembly called Kind Campaign. Kind Campaign is an organization that brings awareness to girl-against-girl bullying. We are very excited to welcome Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson to CBA. Check out for more information!


Chapter 2 in Math is all about Addition! We are learning the addition properties, addition patterns, mental math using place value and more! Review the addition properties with your child and point out patterns in math such as when 2 is added to and even number, the sum is even. This will help them solve tougher math problems they come across.