Soda Pop

Anthony Cockell-5


Soda is 14 years old. He is also one of those people who are always so happy. He's the type of guy who is happy about every thing. From how Ponyboy describes him and photos online, being honest he looks like the type of guy I would love to be, and his name is the BEST! Who wouldn't want that name. It's based off of a delicious drink. I want one right now.

Job, hobbies

Soda works at a gas station but doing a little online research when he was 12 he worked at a stable. Is it true, I don't know? But his main job is protecting Ponyboy.


Soda pop dropped out of high school. No buddy knows why. Ponyboy asked him, he said because he was too dumb.

Relationship with greasers

Soda protects Ponyboy because he is the smallest. Why doesn't Ponyboy be like Jonny and bring a knife around.
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