Soldier Boys

By Dean Huges


Two boys are unsure of themselfs and have no were to turn but war. Both boys have to struggle to survive the war and they encounter horrible things in the war. both boys fear that they wouldnt be able to prove themselfs but when they first encounter the war they regret their decison. 

Main conflict

The main conflict of the book soldier boys  is two boys who want to show their bravery to there country by serving in the military. Spencer Morgan is an american teenage boy who is weak and unsure of himself and has no were else to turn but to go to war. Dieter is a german boy who wants to be like his squad instructor Hans and jon the Hitler Youth. Will both boys survive the war or will they ace death in the face?


"Their worst fear was that the war would end too soon and they wouldnt get a chance to prove themselfs"But when they finally see the action they were hoping for, its like nothing they could have ever imagined".

Spencer and Dieters Physical traits

Weak and scrawny,Unsure of himself,not an average teenage boy.

My rating for this book

I gave this book a 4 star rating because the author took a long time to get to the action.


As you can see both boys struggle for survival and have to do horrible things to survive the war. Will both Spencer and Dieter survive the war, or will they fall to the war?


War can never be a good thing. Dieter and Spencer are young boys fighting a war they shouldn't be in.

Critics Corner

I never stoped turning the page.

By Nick zumpano