All Time All Star Update

Week of November 10-14

Chilly Weather and Second Six Weeks Wrap Up

Hello, friends!
The cooler weather is on it's way...make sure to remind kiddos to layer and dress appropriately so they can enjoy our outside time on cooler days.
This week will be our last of the second six weeks. The All Time All Stars have created a great momentum!
We will have a guest teacher, Ms. Mullins, on Wednesday and Friday this week. The children have seen her work with other third grade classes this year, and I am confident they will show her what great self-managers and leaders they are while she is our guest teacher.

From Sr. Edwards...

Dear families,

We are going to have an oral Spanish quiz on Wednesday, November 13th. The teacher will be asking students two out four questions that we have been practicing in class.

Please look under the "Important Dates" section of the website to practice answering these questions at home.

Weekly Overview from Room 29

The All Time spellers have been working on their word study this cycle. They can access the video link on Vimeo as often as they need/wish. Their tic tac toe practice board and work will be due this Friday, 14th. Their spelling assessment will also be Friday. Help your kiddos come up with words that are not part of their sort but follow the same patterns as their sort!
Number bonds have been a hit in our room! The kiddos are really enjoying the fun of breaking down their numbers and examining a variety of ways of understanding how to get to a sum or product. We will work on addition properties, estimating sums, and regrouping this week. Math practice and dice came home tonight for our mathematicians' at home learning opportunity.
The children will be working on discussing a reading life and what that looks like. This will involve selecting just right books, reading actively, and using reading strategies that work for each person. Please encourage your kiddos to read actively at home using their reading kits. children should read in a well-lit and suitable working space to "read themselves awake". Readers are also responsible for timing their reading, recording the number of pages they read each night, and writing a response to their reading that evening. This journey is part of their reading life :)
As writers, we are continuing to grow our "seed" moments into full stories. Working with a writing partner, the storytellers are challenged to improve, adjust, edit, and retell their stories many times with the goal of making it more interesting and enjoyable to the reader. This is also a great platform to practice slowing down, making mistakes, and challenging the desire to finish work quickly.
The children worked very cooperatively in their American Indian expert groups today. We created six categories of information about which we'd like to know more, and the kiddos worked in groups of three to four students to discover as much information as they could using their readers, information packets, and internet research websites.
Looking ahead:
Tuesday, November 18th is St. Andrew's Day. LS will be dismissed at 2:00.
Be well,