Bath Salts

For Bathing, Not For Consumption

Drug / Category

Since Bath Salts are really unique, they are lucky enough to have their own drug category. Bath Salts is the name of their category.


The category is defined as powder, white and brown powder. The drug is sold online only and the ways to take the drug is either to inject, or inhale and swallow. Bath Salts contain synthetic chemicals related to Cathinone, which is an amphetamine. Bath Salts are bad for anyone to intake, the package a person would buy even says on it "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION," and it's not!


Now with any other drug it has it's own nicknames or slang names just for a person to sound cool. Some slang names include, "Blue Silk," "Zoom," "Cloud Nine" and "Hurricane Charlie." They might make you sound cool, but it makes you totally uncool.
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Short Term Effects

Some short term effects are things like increasing brain chemicals like, dopamine. It causes a feeling of euphoria and causes hyperactivity as well as hallucinations. Bath Salts are 10 times as potent as cocaine.

Long Term Effects

Some of long term effects are chest pains, a racing heart, kidney failure, high blood pressure, breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue and even DEATH. Now that is long term!

Where to Get Help

Places and phone numbers to get help is

  • 800-610-hope (4673)
  • 48 Branch Turnpike, Concord NH, 03301 (603) 228-1959
  • 13 Green Street, Concord NH, 03301 (603) 668-1920
And don't do it in the first place!