Speaking Tips for Young Speakers

Yr 7 Oral Presentation Speech Skills

It is said that the two most common fears are Death and Public Speaking. Read to get rid of your fear of Public Speaking!

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Speaking Tips

And don't forget to just be confident!

The Three P's

The Three A's

Using the three a's you can help you make the audience remember the point of the speech in a catchy way.

Structure of the speech

Other Tips

  • Make your idea better than the others, speak strongly
  • Build a relationship with the Audience, by using emotive language, include them by saying things like "We can make the difference."
  • 1 minute speech = 100 words ... 2 minute speech = 200 words ect
  • Focus your speech with a purpose and give it a title
  • Humour can lighten people up
  • What you talk about should match your expression
  • Use your hand to emphasise, use props
  • No hand outs until end
  • Don't stand still, you've got a whole stage use it