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Mini Pack Update 2/5/2016

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Principal's Pen

Dear Scott Families,

Can you believe we are about to begin the second week of February? At Scott this week we have had fun on field trips, visits from the high school and middle schools, celebrating the 100th day of school, and learning exciting new things in every grade level. Our goal at Scott is to help our students continue to not just learn, but grow in their capacity to problem solve and persevere.

We recently read an article titled "Three Key Factors that Nurture Student Resilience" written by Sara Truebridge, a researcher who challenged the notion that some kids are born with resilience while others are not. Truebridge believes that everyone has the capacity for resilience. Through her research, she states there are three factors that nurture this resilient potential in everyone:

  • Caring relationships
  • High expectations
  • Meaningful Opportunities

When these three factors are present, children have a safe environment to struggle and define their selves amidst challenges.

Several personal strengths are associated with resilience: strengths socially, emotionally, morally, and cognitively. While some might naturally be more resilient, this trait can be tapped and strengthened in all.

It's also critical to recognize that when a student makes "bad choices," it doesn't mean that child is a bad person. It simply means they displayed poor judgement. It is more important what they are allowed to learn through these experiences. This struggle with guidance and reflection allows them to become stronger and more confident with their next choices.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!

Paige and Leanne

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Mrs. Buholtz's 4th Grade Class

Celebrating the 100th Day of School with Cup Stacking and Discovering Decimals and Fractions!

Heritage High School Students Making a Difference!

Class Party Contribution

There's still time to contribute to the Valentine's Day class party on Friday, February 12. Plus, if you plan to visit, pre-register online before Noon on Wednesday, February 10. Information on how to check-in for the party will be sent out via email on Feb 11. Details here:

Attendance FAQ

How many unexcused days does the State of Texas allow me to miss?
  • The State of Texas only allows 10 unexcused absences. If you go over this, you face possible court charges and a court appearance with your child.

What is considered an unexcused absence?

  • Any full-day absence without a note from you or the doctor. You can send in an actual note, fax the note, or email the note. Phone calls only are not excused.
  • All tardies are unexcused without a medical note from a doctor. A note or email from you does NOT excuse this.
  • All early dismissals are unexcused without a medical note from a doctor. A note or email from you does NOT excuse this.
  • If your child is absent more than 3 concurrent days, you must have a doctor's note to excuse the absences.

How many days do you have to turn in the note?

  • We must have the note within 3 school days of the absence.

What happens if my child receives multiple unexcused absences?

  • When your child receives 3 unexcused absences/tardies/leave earlies, you will receive a courtesy notification from your child's teacher.
  • At 7, you will receive a courtesy phone call from the Assistant Principal and your child will be placed on an FISD Attendance Contract.
  • At 11 unexcused absence/tardies/leave earlies, the attendance information is turned over to the State and our Truancy Officer takes over handling your attendance case.

Please send in your notes so you can avoid this difficult situation. There is a link on our Scott Website to email your note directly to our attendance clerk, Suzanne Edwards.


The WATCH D.O.G.S. calendar has been updated with time slots for the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year. For info or to get on the schedule, go to Watch D.O.G.S. shirts are available for purchase in the front office. The kids love you here, and it makes our school a safe and special place to be!

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Drew's Healthy Snack Option!

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FISD 21 Day Challenge News

Thank you parents for signing your child up for the FISD 21 Day Challenge! To encourage your child to help make and eat the fun, healthy snacks provided in Medical City's "Kids Teaching Kids" North Texas Recipe Book, as well as on their website at, we have an incentive. Please take a picture or video of your child's snack they helped make and email it to their teacher. They will get the opportunity to share with the school over morning announcements (daily) and recognized at Celebrate Scott (weekly). The 21 Day Challenge runs through February 14th, so we will continue this incentive through February 15th. All students that participate in sharing their recipe will be recognized at Celebrate Scott and receive a healthy choice spirit stick (IF they have not already be awarded that spirit stick) on February 19th. The week of Feb 29-March 4, parents will receive their survey email. Please make your healthy choices count and complete the survey by midnight March 4. The elementary school with the most participation in the district wins and will receive a big celebration from Medical City, plus incentives to encourage and promote healthy lifestyles within that particular school.

Have fun making healthy snacks!

Trinity and Ethan Elliott Healthy Snack Video

Scott Spring Pictures - February 10th


Class pictures and individual Spring Pictures will be taken on Feb 10th. You can order by returning the picture envelope or online for your class pictures at School Pix.

To order online:

  1. Click "online ordering" and select "school portraits" from pulldown menu.
  2. Our school code number is 1516-0099.

School proofs for the individual photos will be sent home for you to select from within 2-3 weeks after photos are taken.

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MyPaymentsPlus Contest

We are pleased to announce that we will be giving away an Intel® Classmate PC – Convertible to one lucky family, simply for using MyPaymentsPlus! Attached is a flyer – feel free to distribute this to the parents at your schools.

The giveaway period begins today and will run through February 14th.

We will have information available for the parents via our social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) as well as an email to those who allow our marketing emails. As with any giveaway, there is no purchase necessary to be eligible, they can also send us a post card with what they love about MyPaymentsPlus and can be entered in the drawing. We have included that piece of information on the email as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Have a great day!

Thank you,


Scott Spirit Nights

Mark your calendar for the remaining Spirit Nights for the school year. More details to come. Be sure to visit the Scott PTA website for more updates.

  • February 23: Raising Cane's
  • March 22: Mooyah (3-9pm)
  • April 27: Chick-fil-A (4-9pm)


Pick up your produce with you pick up your kiddo. Order fresh goods from GROW and they'll deliver your produce to Scott and save you a trip. learn more about GROW here.

Wanted: Box Tops and Labels for Education

We're far from the end of the month, don't forget to bring in those Box Tops and Labels. Learn more and see which products qualify: Scott Box Tops and Labels

We Need You!
Looking for ways to get more involved? There's a slot for everyone and every busy schedule. Scott PTA Volunteers

Scott Spirit Store

Stay warm with a Scott sweatshirt - new for 2016! Zip up sweatshirts are available in both youth and adult sizes. Get them while they last here!

Link your Kroger and Target Card to Scott's free and it supports our school and students. Find out how to do this.

Stay Connected to Scott




Win a Chance to Share Your Healthy Choices With Your School

Show us how your student is doing in the 21-Day Challenge. Snap a photo of them eating a healthy snack, email it to their teacher and your Scott kiddo could be picked to share their healthy tip during the daily announcement at school in addition to recognition at Celebrate Scott held on Fridays. Watch Scott students prep a tasty, healthy treat.

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Jump Rope for Heart

We've partnered with the American Heart Association for Jump Rope for Heart. Scott kids can be heart heroes through raising awareness and earn rewards along the way. Learn more:

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What's Happening in February?

Don't miss Spirit Night, spring portraits, upcoming PTA meeting and other important dates. Bookmark the Scott calendar or download, print and post a printer-friendly version to your home cork board or fridge.

Order Birthday Spirit Sticks for $1.00

Birthday cakes come and go, but spirit sticks last a lifetime. Give your Scott kid a gift they can sport on their backpack. Purchase for $1.00, and we'll deliver to their class. Summer birthdays are eligible, also!
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Updates and Reminders

Morning Drop-off: Please DO NOT drop off your children in the middle of Millbend Drive. The only drop-off allowed in the mornings is around the back of the school in the FIRST carpool lane. We have had numerous parents allowing their children to hop out of the car on Millbend and run across the street. This is extremely dangerous and can't happen; your children's safety is our #1 concern.

Parking on Campus: Please do not park in the fire lanes at anytime including lunch or Celebrate Scott.

Texting/Calls: Please refrain from texting in/around the school. We are responsible for getting 650 students safely to and from school. Please help by keeping your eyes on the road and not looking at your phone.

Bikes on Campus: Parents, please talk to your child about not riding his/her bike or scooter on campus grounds. We also will be talking to all our students. We have had some near misses with student safety because of bike riders nearly running into other students or failing to stop at the crosswalk. Again, your child's safety is always our #1 concern.

All FISD Community Workshops are held at the FISD Administration Building.

February 16: Strategies for Raising a Healthy Child

  • 6:00-7:00 pm


Elementary students may only bring items for distribution to classmates on the three party days: Winter Party, Valentine’s Day and end of year celebration.

In addition, students issuing invitations to individual birthday parties or other celebrations may only do so at school if all students in the homeroom class are invited. These birthday invitations must be passed out at the end of the day with permission from the teacher.